8 Electrical System

8.1 How can I install a Monza wiper switch into my Vega?

Myles (mylesgt) writes: "I found it easier to use donor's harness both sides of firewall. Vega uses vacuum (suitable only for tossing...imho) setup for pump. Without Monza harness, you'd have to tap power and timing to motor. If you do go with harness, Monza fuse holder same size as Vega's, bolts in. Swap done in '92 with '79 wagon into '74 GT HB, later into present '73 GT HB...so I've lost track exactly which wiper motor is in there. Monza switch poppped in dash, no mods. Plugs for back half and dome light section snapped in no problemo. Not sure if column same, used tilt from wagon."

8.2 How do I remove/replace the ignition switch?

Nick (nickster1_99) writes:
"Remove the steering wheel and pull the turn signal switch out of postion. [lockplate under wheel???] Under that you will see a screw by the tumbler. Most of the time this screw is 1/2 covered by a set of contacts in a piece of plastic. You need to pull that straight out then remove the screw. After that screw is removed, you can pull the tumbler right out with or without key. Then you can re-install it and go cruzin'!!"

Robert (twelve_second_vega) adds:
"The "Switch", the actual electrical part, is atop the column about mid-way down the tube. To replace it, remove the connector, attaching screws and pull it out. If it is the "Lock Cylinder" you need to replace, do the following:

With steering wheel removed, Insert the ignition key and turn it to the ACC position. (All the way back) If you look in the housing under the steering wheel, you will see a pin sticking through a hole ot slot in the tunnel for the lock cylinder.

Push this pin inward with an appropriate (Nail, Screwdriver, etc.) and pull the cylinder out. To replace, tune the cylinder rearward and insert it into the column. Turn it to start and the pin will extend, locking it in place."

8.3 What can I do about starter heat soak problems?

One way is to wire up a remote starter solenoid and move it away from the heat source.

Robert (twelve_second_vega) gives other options:
"I think a "Mini-Starter" is the way to go if you want to fix this problem the "Right Way." But, I also know what it's like to have bills to pay! Try these alternatives.

GM makes a "Green" High-Temperature Solenoid and there are various Heat Shields and Heat Blankets on the market. However, according to several starter manufacturers I spoke to while searching for my own starter, I discovered the biggest probelm with a GM starter is the Bronze Bushing style of supporting the Armature.

The Starter Heat Wrap (Blanket) is available from Jeg's under part #893-14150 for $22.99. It wraps around the starter and is easiest to install in the car with headers.

Or, you could use one of the smaller factory GM starters available from Pep-Boys/Autozone. The GM/Delco Part Number is 10465009 and it is a very small, planetary reduction drive unit that weighs only 8.5 pounds. I think the Rebuilder Part Number (Lester) is #6126, but just to be safe, have them cross-reference the GM/Delco Number.