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16 Jul 2006: Totally new forums, new moderator, please join!
The forums are totally new, set up and maintained by Colin Opseth. The forums were initially set up at gmperformance.org and quickly grew. Click the "forums" link above!

Also, try out the Chat. Thanks Adam!

04 Apr 2006: Building the SFI/Turbo V6 Vega updates
Dave English sent me updates on his Turbo V6 Vega project. Click here.

10 Sep 2005: Building the SFI/Turbo V6 Vega
Dave English is at it again, and he sent me a report on his progress in putting a Turbo V6 into a Vega. You can find it here.

12 May 2005: New scans and Vega information
Thanks to more contributions from Richard Tyner, there are finally some Pontiac Astre brochures in the brochures section. I also completed scanning the 1977 Olds and 1979 Chevrolet brochures he sent last year, not just the H-body parts.
Additionally, Bob Spinello has compiled a lot of Vega historical information, which was put into its own section in the library. Bob also contributed some information for the FAQ Section 1.3.
P.S. Here's the main reason I have so little time for H-bodies lately!

04 Feb 2005: General updates
2004 was a good year. I finally bought a house and my daughter was born. Project Monzamess now has a home, but time to work on it will be short. I've updated the links in the FAQ and I'm working on adding some great information sent to me by Robert Spinello (vegabob) and Richard Tyner. I'll post another update when that's done.

21 Mar 2004: Library Additions
Thanks to the generosity of Richard Tyner, I have added some new brochures and ads to the library. All of the new additions are in the Brochures and Media sections and are noted "provided by Richard Tyner."

20 Mar 2002: Forums Expanded
Now that Yahoo has converted the club GMHBODY to a group, I've expanded the forums in case people hate Yahoo Groups and want to try something else. Click here for the forums!

29 Jan 2002: Mirage Catalog added
Perry Allen (monzapla) scanned in and sent me the MAT Monza Mirage Master Parts and Illustrations Catalog. It's posted here.

28 Jan 2002: Project Monzamess updated
Thanks to the wonderful weather I got some more work done on Monzamess and updated my project page.

21 Jan 2002: Site Updates
I received a lot of new material from Dave English about his LT1 Vega project. It is posted on the projects page.
I also received some Skyhawk brochure information from Alex Melanson which is posted in the brochure section (near the end of page).

09 Nov 2001: I'm still alive
I'm still around. The site hasn't been updated much and I apologize for that! I got married and have lots of new bills to pay off, so the Monza has to wait for its new parts. I do keep the Message Archives updated. Things are looking better for the spring!

23 Apr 2001: Shrunk JPG files
I compressed the JPG files in the library (Brochure scans and the illustration catalog) so the files wouldn't take so long to download. They're roughly half of the size listed in the indices, but still of decent quality.

23 Mar 2001: Changed Forums
I changed the forums. Basically, they're there for website feedback (guestbook-type thing) and general chat. I realized the technical forums could possibly splinter discussions from the Yahoo clubs so I removed them. We have a small community and I don't mean to break it up.

23 Mar 2001: New Forums and Site Map
Check out the new forums! I also added a Site Map to help find stuff on h-body.org.

20 Mar 2001: FAQ gets 6-month update again
The FAQ has finally been updated with the 6-month backlog of updates I collected. Whew!

19 Mar 2001: Searchable Message Archives working again
You can now search the messages posted on Yahoo Clubs from this page or by going to the "search" section. This is the same archive that was set up in late 2000 but it's up to date now after being broken for a while.

7 Mar 2001: New and Updated Project Pages
Bill Goodwin sent me a project page: 4-71 Blower Installation on a '71 VEGA 140 ci.
Dave English updated his page: Building the LT1 H-Body.

27 Feb 2001: HBOA T-Shirts!
HBOA T-Shirts are now available. They have this logo on the back (about 12" long) and say "HBOA" on the front pocket. They're available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL ($10 each except $11 for XXL), and come in Black, White, Navy, Maroon, or Gray. Please place your order in an e-mail to Jeff along with your address. He'll get back to you with a total.

15 Feb 2001: Building the LT1 H-Body by Dave English with Tony Hallo
Check out this well-written and very detailed description on how Dave and Tony built LT1 Vegas here.

12 Feb 2001: Project Monzamess updated
I've made a lot of progress on my project car "Monzamess" and you can read about it here.

06 Feb 2001: New Server
h-body.org has moved to a newer (faster?) server. Let me know if there are problems!

22 Jan 2001: GM Illustration Catalog
Art Courtney sent me scans of H-Body-related pages from the 1981 GM Illustration Catalog. Check it out for detailed diagrams of most parts of the car.

12 Dec 2000: S-10 Spindle/Monza ball joint adaptors
Bob Gumm has "a huge inventory" of adaptors for Monza ball joints (upper and lower) that allow you to use an S-10 spindle (gets you 5-lug wheels and larger brakes). See his site v8monza.com.

01 Dec 2000: Vega swing-out window gaskets
Metro *may* make another run of these gaskets, and hopefully they will fit correctly. If you want some, voice your opinion to the management at Weatherstrip Special. They need 50 confirmed orders.

30 Nov 2000: v8monza.com
Bob Gumm's Building the V8 Monza website has a new location: http://www.v8monza.com

24 Nov 2000: balljoint bushings
If you would like adaptor bushings to use S-10 spindles with your stock Monza balljoints, contact Bob Gumm, who is working on getting some made.

21 Nov 2000: V8 OEM-style motor mounts
If you would like V8 OEM-style motor mounts, please go to R&B Inc and submit your request under "Product Ideas." If there is enough demand, they will be produced.

03 Nov 2000: Welcome
This whole site is new!